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Figurines [24 Mar 2008|01:05pm]

I just wanted to post pics of the 3 MML figurines I have!

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MML Galleries and more [16 Feb 2008|03:43pm]

Hi everyone... Bored on a Saturday afternoon? Here are some fun galleries to look at!




Megaman Girls Club:


This one is an Iris fanclub. Not related to MML, but still enoyable. ^^
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*sigh* [27 Nov 2007|01:43am]


*pokes with stick*


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Tune in next time! [15 Oct 2007|01:50am]

Tonight, on the Somebody-Besides-Me-Needs-to-Post-on-This-Damn-Comm-Now-and-Then Show!

Our special guest is a odd painting! 
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Hi yo, Silver! [06 Oct 2007|01:48am]

 It's the Lone Poster!  Look, Tonto, I drew some more crackart!

Look, you can see the post's tracks in the dust.
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Art dump. [22 Aug 2007|01:41am]


ECHO echo echo...   Oh well.  Maybe someone will stumble across these...someday.

*Ie sigh*

Pictures this a' way...

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Oh snap! Icons! [09 May 2007|12:16am]

I think I've single-handedly made the supply of DASH lj icons exceed the demand. If that makes any sense at all, which I doubt. 

Icons!  For everlasting peace!

And away I go....
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[13 Mar 2007|12:36am]

[ mood | Suki ]

Hello, just browsing around the livejournal neighborhood and found this place!

I just finished this on deviant art and felt like sharing!

Tell me if you like it!

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Legends 2 [03 Mar 2007|10:54am]

Calinca Ruins are far more challenging than I remember them being. If I could beat this game at 14, why can't I do it at 21? Its been a while since I have thrown my controller down in frustration. Ugh.

(X-posted to skylagoon)
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So... [23 Feb 2007|07:54pm]

[ mood | cold ]

*waves* Hi, I'm new.

I just searched for a community that had "servbots" listed as an interest, because I thought people might enjoy the colourbar I made a year ago, because Servbots are quite definitely love.

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happy valentine's day : ) [14 Feb 2007|10:52am]

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[11 Sep 2005|07:59pm]


I'm Jake, and Iv played mml2 on ps and I got megaman 64, which was like a last days n64 game that was just a redone mega man legends. Its been awhile since I played them. but theyre fun.
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NamcoXCapcom [17 Jun 2005|11:06am]

KOS-MOS * Ryu * Rockman&Roll-chan!

Join the community! ;D (PLEASE credit if you like any of the icons listed in our community to namcoxcapcom! Thanks!)


P. S. Or, just join! ;D Oh, I see someone just posted about this recently! O___O! Enjoy all the promos! ^____^

P.P.S. Tron bonne is in the game, as well! ;D
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[15 Apr 2005|12:37pm]


Namco x Capcom. Not in the States, but evidence Legends lives.

There's more images, I just like this best.

Obvious reasons. >>;
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[23 Mar 2005|02:26pm]

Holy crap. LEGENDS COMMUNITY! I giggle with the fangirlish glee.

Anyhow, OK. Introduction. HI, I'M NOVASTRIKE, AND I LOVE MEGAMAN L-*Shot. Many times*


Hi. I'm Nova Strike.

I love the entire. Fscking. Megaman Legends series. Quite to the point where I willingly corrupt others and make them play, or confuse those who don't know of the series.

As for being a fan, don't worry too much. I actually don't act too obsessed - My only peice of merchendising is a ServBot plushie.

Just don't start me on Juno, who, strangely enough, is my favorite character. I love them all, he's just the one who I'm probably sick and obsessed enough to write/concept out an entire fscking backstory for. Littered with characters desperately needing re-vamp too. I'll shut up about it, but thought I'd be good, say hi.

God, I must look like an idiot. Back to obsurity and hiding!
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sorry if this is off-topic... [06 Mar 2005|04:59pm]


Yes, someone has finally made a community for the only series with no community. >__<

(Cross-posted damn near everywhere XP)
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[21 Feb 2005|07:58pm]

I just wanted to clue some people in on the neat Legends related merchandise out there. There's some pretty neat stuff! (Although, most of it is hard to find, unfortunately).

In my personal collection, I've got 2 Gashapon figurines (snap-together figurines), one of Roll, and one of Tron. I also have a slightly bigger figurine of Tron from the "Capcom Girls" series (I forget the real name of it-- they came in little cloth bags in UFO catcher machines).

But anyway, here are some other things you can find:

Tron & Kobun (Servbot) resin statue

Tron & Kobun Figurine (also available here and here)

Kobun Plush (These are SO cute-- but I cannot find them for sale anywhere! Luckily the creator of this website was nice enough to at least share some pictures of these elusive cuties).

There area few neat things on this site (hand towel, keychains, etc)... Also a plush of Data ^^

Megaman Legends Gashapon Figures - snap together figurines available in small plastic bubbles inside vending machines. (I'll update with a picture once I get them). I think it's actually from MML2, since Sara and Yuna are available in this series.

And that's it for now!
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New Comer [08 Feb 2005|05:49pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

OMG I found a place who loves Megaman Legends? I have all 3 games. I'm a big fan of the Bonnes especially Tiesel! XD!!! Tron is cool too! Sad to say not a Bon fan. I hated fighting him at city hall!! Damn those homing bottles!! Anyway just wanted to say hi.

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[08 Jan 2005|01:22pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Gah, I forgot to post here when I came and joined. @_x

Anyway, heya! I'm CyberZ74, and I personally think Rockman Dash/Megaman Legends is the best series yet. I hope they get around to continuing it this year. Anyway, I'm a fan of the series, 'specially Roll (

[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<_<>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

Gah, I forgot to post here when I came and joined. @_x

Anyway, heya! I'm CyberZ74, and I personally think Rockman Dash/Megaman Legends is the best series yet. I hope they get around to continuing it this year. Anyway, I'm a fan of the series, 'specially Roll (<_< >_>), aaaaaaaaaand I accidentally shot Data while he was out of visual range in a dungeon. :>

Bleh. As you can see by my icon, I'm also a fan of Gundam, Universal Century and old circa-1989 SD (not SDGF) in particular.

...That's all I can think of to say. =D;
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